Knowledge ahead of the Business

Dear Investors, Start-ups, and SMEs,
Dear C-level managers,
the competency of market knowledge is about understanding the sensitive market context in which a business operatesrespectively wants to start business. Competence in market knowledge is usually a requirement of strategic and commercial decision.
See emerging trends and understand relationships among the various elements of the market and see how trends could create new customers, affect dealings with competitors and cause potentially profitable changes.
Developing market knowledge is both easy and hardat the same time. It is easy to perform a simple market research and study. To get knowledge on the strategic level, however, one also needs insight, which comes from understanding the depth and breadth of the market.
Get knowledge about your market and how you can use which levers to influence it.
A joint situation analysis and individual advice are in the foreground. 
To achieve maximum results for your success, COMTAIX network partners may integrated as competence centres during the implementation phase if necessary.
From reimbursement to invoice – ask COMTAIX

As flexible as your business

At COMTAIX, we have made it our mission to accompany clients through a new way of solving problems. With our international network and proven successful approaches, we can also remedy new challenges and well-known problems. 
We not only advise you in theory, but we also implement it in your daily business. Whether in recruitment process, sales training & coaching, business development, procurement or sales, development of KOL and study centres.
COMTAIX – consulting & execution 

Develop and execute visions with COMTAIX

You describe where to go. Together with you, we develop the implementation of your vision in the desired direction and inspire all stakeholders by establishing a common understanding. Your employees will use, and your customers will see your vision for orientation. Make organizational goals tangible with external competence. We give you and your management team the freedom to look at things outside of operational hustle and bustle and day-to-day business. We will bring your horsepower to the road!